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On 19 February 2019, Dr. Rena Sultangazieva, Associate Professor of Telematics Department in Kyrgyz State Technical University remotely participated at APAN47 Technology session of Medical working group, which is hosted by KISTI (KREONET) in Daejeon Convention Center, Korea. APAN47 and has a variety of events lasting for 5 days, including technical tutorials, workshops, and demonstrations covering brand-new and advanced network technologies and applications.

Dr. Sultangazieva presented the Enlighten Your Research (EYR) program results and further developments of the mobile telemedicine service called remote ECG monitoring. This program implemented jointly with National Center of Cardiology and Internal Medicine, Kyrgyzstan and Obuda University, Hungary.

The mobile telemedicine system provides a platform for data acquisition from mobile sensors and deliver to cardio specialists via Kyrgyz Research and Education Network Association (KRENA) and Central Asian Research and Education Network (CAREN) networks and 3G wireless connection from remote areas of Kyrgyzstan.

Enlighten Your Research (EYR) is an initiative that started in the Netherlands as a SURFnet initiative to support researchers to give a boost to their research by providing support in the use of advanced ICT facilities. In 2017 during CAREN Regional Networking Conference (CRNC2017) in Bishkek CAREN-EYR program announced. The aim of the CAREN-EYR program was to foster international collaborations between scientists of Central Asia and Europe using the Gigabit international links between the CAREN and GÉANT provided by CAREN3 project.