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The third meeting of the Steering Group of the European Commission CAREN

Press release from April 2, 2012.

26-28 March 2012 in Astana city Kazakhstan, the third meeting of the Steering Group of the European Commission, "Central Asian Research and Education Network" (CAREN) with the participation of the CAREN project coordinator of the European Commission, Mr. Lellis Braganza, the leaders of the European Research and Education DANTE and the representatives of the republics of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

During the meeting they discussed issues on the project in the republics and the further development of the network. Following the meeting decided to extend the project until the end of 2013, as well as preparation for the second phase of the project CAREN-2.
Representatives of Kyrgyzstan's vice president of National Academy of Sciences, Acad. Kudayar Duyshen Kudayarovich evaluating the invaluable assistance of the European Commission in the development of education and science in the Central Asian republics, also noted the active work of the Association "Kyrgyz Research and Education Network" (KRENA) ​​in Kyrgyzstan, "I am glad that KRENA first Central Asian country has entered into a federation Eduroam (Education Roaming), which enables scientists, researchers, academic staff and students of our country to connect to a wireless network in Europe, Australia and Canada using the same data access, which are valid for connecting to a local research and education network . It is gratifying to note that with the expansion of the channel number of users is constantly increasing KRENA. “By joining the words of the academician Dmitry Kudayarova, David WEST, project manager EC CAREN, said success of KRENA in Kyrgyzstan and the expansion of the channel KRENA to 34 Mb / s to 155 Mb / s to 1 March 2012, as well as free connection, the number of schools Bishkek to high-speed Internet access.
They discussed issues of the CAREN network in the body-medicine, water management, disaster prevention in earthquake zones of Central Asia. About the safety of the CAREN network, it was decided to conduct CERT training in Central Asia with teachers from Europe.