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About us

The association conducts its activities in accordance to the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Civil code of the Kyrgyz Republic, and Law #111 of the Kyrgyz Republic "Regarding non-profit organizations" (inacted in 10/11/1999) , and the Charter of Association for the "Kyrgyz Research and Education Network Association".

"Kyrgyz Research and Education Network Association" functions within the limits of the international telecommunication project known as "the Virtual Silk Highway," the purpose of which is to increase information exchange between academic communities within Central Asia, the Caucasus and Europe by using leading satellite technology to provide effective access to the Internet and to European scientific and educational networks.

Aims of the Association:

    Creation and development of computer and telecommucation networks via advanced information and communication technology, allows for the unificiation of scientific and educational institutions, museums and libraries in Kyrgyzstan within a uniform information system;

  • Providing access for educational institutions and research organizations to the scientific and educational computer network known as AKNET (the Academic network) and an output to the Internet;

  • Assistance in development of information and communication technology, remote training on the basis of IT (Infomation Technology), and developing an information society in Kyrgyzstan;

  • Coordinating activies regarding the creation of electronic textbooks, programs, databases;

  • Use of Internet resources for maintaining the Kyrgyz peoples equal access to knowledge and advanced educational technologies;

  • Realizing the effective measures directed towards improving the activity of electronic systems and computer communications, maintaining growth and development of IT systems;

  • Coordinating actions of the Association's members in the field of developing uses and marketing of new information technologies in the spheres of science and education;

  • Protecting the rights and interests of the organizations - the members of the Association.

Entry Requirements:

  • Members of the Association can be from any scientific, educational or research organization within the Kyrgyz Republic. Members are those who entered the Association after its state registration, any legal entities interested in promotion, expansion and popularization of electronic networks and the information technologies, and who abide by the Association's Charter and bringing a contribution to realizating the purposes and goals of the Association.

  • Members of the Association keep legal and economic independence. The association does not answer for the obligations its members. The association is not a higher body in relation to its members.

  • Members of the Association pay introductory, periodic and special purpose payments. The amount of payments and the order of their billing is established by the General Meeting of the Association. Members of the Association do not retain the rights to any transferred property, including membership dues.